How would you double your fun?

How would you double your fun?

The London Paralympics, featuring the world's top disabled athletes, have just begun. They are second big sporting occasion to be held in the British capital this summer, following on from the Olympics, which ended on August 12.

We thought this "double" in sport was the perfect idea for this week's top 10. So we asked our junior reporters what their favourite double moment is ...

1. Doppelganger

A doppelganger - it basically means there's a person out there who looks exactly like you - is probably my favourite double. It fascinates me to stumble upon a person bearing a close resemblance to someone I know, even though the two can be completely unrelated and lead separate lives.

Jade Lam

2. Double spirituality

Most people may think the Old and New Testaments of the Bible are separate. Yet a mind-shattering documentary shows otherwise. It says the Ark of the Covenant, an important and long-lost item in the Old Testament, is found right underneath the very spot where Jesus Christ, mentioned in the New Testament, died.

Cassandra Lee

3. AA

When I see "double A" batteries - that's how I can bring my Gameboy back to life and finish off my Pokemon Yellow game.

Jocelyn Wong

4. Double sausages

I used to get excited when I ordered a double Sausage McMuffin at McDonald's. It is simply satisfying and delicious, and there's no delicacy like it. Unfortunately, McDonald's doesn't offer it any more.

Eina Gurung

5. Acts of kindness

I like it when a person does something good, and life rewards them with a kind action from a stranger. Double good deeds - wonderful.

Yasemin Subba

6. Choc-chocolate cake

Double-chocolate cake is what I love. Imagine the double-layered sweet sensation, with extra icing melting in your mouth. Mmm ... delicious!

Jayani Premaratne

7. Twins

I have to say twins, especially the funny ones. They can double the laughter!

Doris Lam

8. Double scoops

Double-scooped ice cream makes me feel over the moon. What can be jollier than having double quantities of delight? Many of you will no doubt have the same amazing idea.

Winnie Lee

9. Happiness jackpot

As the old Chinese saying goes: "Happiness can be doubled by sharing it with another person." I am glad to see happiness doubled when my friends share something with me that makes them happy.

Simon Leung

10. Day and night

The most amazing double is to see both the moon and sun hanging in the sky simultaneously. I witnessed this once while watching the sunrise in Australia very early in the morning. It really makes you wonder which celestial body is in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Jenny Tong

Next week:

School starts again for some on Monday. To get a head start, you need to set your goals and execute; otherwise, you'll be lost and puzzled halfway into the new year.

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