Dreamy, disappointing return

Dreamy, disappointing return

The Beach Boys' latest album That's Why God Made the Radio is a celebration of their 50th anniversary. Through many ups and downs, the band is as iconic as ever, with a world tour and a stop in Hong Kong two weeks ago.

The album is a comfortable listen. First track Think About The Days reintroduces the Boys as dreamy, haunting voices who pride themselves on vocal harmonies. But with not many lyrics, the short tune is a confusing mesh of humming ad-libs and sedating piano chords.

That's Why God Made the Radio is better, and shows off their talents, the radio-filtered vocals adding a certain retro quality. As the tune builds, layers of falsetto are blended into the structure, creating this abstract, resort-like grunge which perfectly fits the requirements of indie rock.

Summer's Gone is another favourite, as an emotional piece about the Boys' struggles: "Summer's gone, gone with yesterday/our dream holds on for those who still have more to say." It's a light, easy tune that sounds effortless, timeless; but, sadly, not flawless. The trite lyrics and nostalgic theme fails to impress.

The album will clearly be a hit among loyal fans but won't make a major impact on the rest of us.

YP Rating: 3/5

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