Synth-led pop goes with a Swing

Synth-led pop goes with a Swing

Eason Chan Yik-shun recruited Eric Kwok and Jerald Chan - otherwise known as the pop duo Swing - to help produce his latest Cantonese album, ...3mm.

The result is a collection of fun 1980s music-influenced songs - most welcome amid the usual bland cookie-cutter Canto-pop.

Many of the songs feature the bouncy synth-pop sounds which made '80s music so infectious and memorable. Heavy Flavour (重口味) is an authentic, retro dance track that would have been a hit even 20 years ago. Eason Chan and Swing have got everything right to create a funky, fresh dance song: catchy beats, quick lyrics and back-up vocals echoing the last words to the chorus. In Class, guitar riffs are added to the synth sounds to get your body moving.

The latter half of the 10-track album is made up of more traditional Canto-pop songs. Let It Out is an emotional piano ballad that encourages listeners to let out their troubles and sadness rather than bottle them up.

Eason Chan gained bad press from the mainland over the lyrics in Impolite; it targets mainlanders coming here to give birth or arguing on public transport.

The surprisingly enjoyable ...3mm shows retro has a place today. Teens and their parents can jam to this together.

YP Rating: 4/5

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