Souled on a repetitive sound

Souled on a repetitive sound

While Nettwerk Records has a roster of big names, one of its newest stars is its only Chinese artist - the Harbin-born, Canada-educated Wanting Qu.

Most of the tracks on her new album, Everything in the World, are in English. The heavy influence of Western music is undeniable, and her soulful voice matches the laidback, sultry feel of the lyrics.

Drenched, the single for the film Love in the Buff, is definitely a soothing tune you can sit back and listen to over and over again.

Surprisngly, her songs in Putonghua are more powerful and add more of a personal touch to the album. Sung with a thick, non-native accent, the Chinese songs are as flowing as the rest.

Unfortunately a lot of the songs sound the same. It's good to establish a style, but there's a fine line between staying in a comfort zone and being repetitive.

The tunes have proven to be massive hits in China, even the English tracks. The home crowd seems to really buy into her indie sound, which offers an alternative to what they are used to hearing.

YP Rating: 4/5

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