All those moments to treasure

All those moments to treasure

Star athletes gather from around the world once every four years to show off their skills and strength at the Olympics. The Games are an emotional roller-coaster ride of joy and tears for the athletes - and for the spectators.

For this week's Top 10, we asked readers to name their favourite London Olympics moments and why ...

1. The Dark Lord

As a huge Potterhead, I was delighted to see a model of Lord Voldemort during the opening ceremony. What a lovely surprise - the ultimate tribute to the popular Harry Potter children's book series. What could possibly top a massive model of the Dark Lord?

Candace Kwan

2. Pop-star extravaganza

Definitely the closing ceremony, especially One Direction's and Jessie J's performances!

Jenny Tong

3. Avenging Wimbledon

My favourite London Olympics moment was when Andy Murray won the tennis gold medal. He made Britain extremely proud, especially after his loss in the Wimbledon final three weeks earlier. It was really touching to see the British audience applaud their local tennis star.

Agnes Chan

4. Coming-of-age moment

In Athens and Beijing, the gold medal in the three-metre springboard diving event was out of reach for Wu Minxia owing to her synchronised event partner Guo Jingjing's dominance. But in London, Wu finally got a taste of her first individual gold.

Phoebe Ma

5. Determined rower

When Katherine Grainger won her gold medal, I screamed. She teamed up with Anna Watkins to represent Britain in the double sculls event. Grainger had won three silver medals before, but never a gold. During her winning race, the look on her face showed how determined she was to fight until the end.

Florence Harker

6. Knockout for feminism

Hijab-veiled judoka, the "unmacho" pink and purple uniform of the volunteers, the Spice Girls belting out Wannabe at the closing ceremony ... these were shout-outs to gender equality.

For the first time in Olympic history, all the participating nations had at least one female representative - even Saudi Arabia.

Cameron Tucker

7. Swimming, from heats to finals

The best part of the London Olympics was the swimming events. Watching some of the world's best swimmers like Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte got me staying up until 4am every night!

Jayani Premaratne

8. Distance specialist

Mo Farah's golden double in the 5,000 and 10,000 metres track events were two magical moments for Britain. Born in Somalia and raised in Britain, Mo's victories sent the stadium into a frenzy of cheers. His posing afterwards with Usain Bolt was a delight to watch. It showed how the Olympics bring athletes and spectators together.

George Jones

9. Teen swimming sensation

The most unforgettable moment was when Ye Shimen, the 16-year-old mainland swimmer, broke the 400m individual medley world record. Video replays showed Ye even beat the time of American male swimmer Ryan Lochte in the final 50m. This breakthrough means Chinese athletes have improved so much and are able to achieve things that were deemed impossible.

Elise Choi

10. All-time great

US swimmer Michael Phelps has a record 22 Olympic medals, including 18 gold, but is he the best Olympic athlete of all time? Usain Bolt will have something to say about that!

Ben Chua

Next week's top 10:

Two typhoons are on their way towards the Asia-Pacific region. But doubles can also give us thrills of a more positive nature: for example, when a mother gives birth to twins, getting a free popsicle because of a buy-one, get-one-free deal, and a double rainbow on a mountain.

For next week's Top 10, Young Post would like to know what gets you over the moon when you "see double" and why.

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