A sign of the times

A sign of the times

Our readers weigh in on the national education controversy with their own banners - for and against

Hong Kong was shaken by two mass protests last month: the July 1 rally and an anti-national education march. This second protest is of special interest to you all.

This week we have asked our readers what they would write on their placards if they were out there among the protesters at the anti-national education march.

Conversely, what would they say on their signs if they were supporting the national education curriculum?

Take an interest in your motherland. Be positive about National Education.

Ivy Kwok

National education is like a blindfold. Let the people see the light and truth.

Weihan Tang

We want the whole truth - not just hand-picked pieces of information with the government's stamp of approval. Resist!

We deserve to know the whole story.

Candace Kwan

Stop mixing up China and the Communist Party. National identity doesn't equal communism.

Ken Cheung

Dear pro-national education teachers/professors ... we all want our children to know what really happened in the past so they won't make the same mistakes.

Balwinder Brar

Nobody wants to be brainwashed!

Eric Chow

I know you want us to know more about our country, but we already have a lot to study!

I can't even hang out with my buddies.

Have mercy on us!

Doris Lam

Pride, not Prejudice.

Henry Lui

Patriotism is free thinking - not brainwashing.

Louise Ho

Have you heard of North Korea?

Malcolm Liao

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