Inspired McDull hits high note

Inspired McDull hits high note

McDull, Hong Kong's favourite piglet, is back as an operatic tenor in McDull: The Pork of Music.

Because of an economic downturn, the Springfield Flower Kindergarten, the one that McDull and his friends attend, is struggling to survive. The principal takes a few part-time jobs to pay the rent, electricity bills and salary of teacher Miss Chan Chan. But his efforts are almost in vain as the rent and operation costs soar.

Inspired by a district councillor, the principal reveals his true talent as a professional opera singer and tutor. He trains the students at Springfield Flower to sing, and organises regular gigs where they can perform to earn funds to help save the school.

So McDull and his classmates embark on an exciting, singing journey across the Pearl River Delta region.

The graphics are epic. Hong Kong artistic director Alice Mak's drawing of winged kindergarten children descending on the Hong Kong Coliseum is something to remember. The kindergarten alumni, drawn by illustrator Yeung Hok-tak, also add a delightful new vibe.

Director Brian Tse continues to question society through his innocent piglet. Although the movie is generally cynical, Tse gets his messages across by using witty, sarcastic lines.

The movie promises to stir emotions as McDull listens to Andy Lau's soul-touching songs. The Pork of Music raises the bar so high I doubt any local production in the near future will top it.

YP Rating: 5/5

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