Kary may shine, soon or later

Kary may shine, soon or later

It was quite a shock to find that Kary Ng Yu-fei started singing in girl group Cookies 10 years ago.

She has shown immense staying power in the notoriously fickle Canto-pop industry. Her work ethic certainly plays a part as she toughed out the past 10 years with numerous solo albums and collaborations with local bands.

Her newest release, My January, comes only eight months after Myself.

Not surprisingly, the songs are about romance. But rather than just focusing on one aspect of it, she casts her net wide.

In Sooner Or Later she sings about her crush and the excitement of a possible relationship. The whimsical guitar-driven track perfectly illustrates that dreamy feeling of puppy love as she hopes to meet him and everything will fall into place.

On the sad side of things, Ng portrays the guilty party in an affair in the piano ballad Confession. You can really feel the sincerity of her guilt in her excellent vocals.

The concept behind My January was promising, but nothing stands out besides those two tracks.

Perhaps if Ng starts making groundbreaking music rather than just churning it out she will do more than just stick around for the next 10 years.

YP Rating: 2/5

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