Wild ways of the summer

Wild ways of the summer

Many of us can't wait for summer to come, but when it does, we may find ourselves not having much to do. We may feel like spicing things up a bit.

For this week's Top 10, we ask our readers about the craziest thing they've ever done or would like to try out for fun.

1. Sleeveless skating

I was dared to go ice-skating, wearing only a tank top and super-short shorts. It was freezing cold, especially after walking around under the sun for so long.

Thankfully, I didn't fall!

Doris Lam

2. Paintballing

Probably a less painful alternative to BB guns (plus the paint is just so much cooler). I would love to compete in teams against friends, shoot people and hang out at the same time.

Candace Kwan

3. Ice-cream cake fight

Pillow fight is for children. Cool grown-ups should toss ice-cream cakes into one another's faces in summer. Erm ... Not that I've done it before, but I dare you to try.

Dennis Goodboy

4. Llama riding

There is that old-fashioned horse riding that seems to be all the rage these days. But if you want to stand out, you need to try something different: llama riding. It has been really popular in some South American places, so why not try it in Hong Kong. Flying a llama here, though, would probably cost as much as a Mercedes Benz.

Henry Lui

5. Random hand-holding

One time, my friends and I went out to try a social experiment at the MTR station in Causeway Bay. We walked up to random people and gradually held their hand, to see their reaction. Some people thought I mistook them for someone else. Some jerked their hand away instantly, and stared at me as if I was crazy. That was the most common reaction I got.

Eric Chow

6. Cooling climbing

I will go ice climbing in the North Pole, just to cool myself down by escaping the summer heat in snowland.

Ken Cheung

7. Downtown camping

My friends and I went to Causeway Bay and slept under a bridge for a night, just like other street sleepers! That night was awesome!

Hayley Lau

8. Endless flight journey

I travelled a total of 17 hours on four different flights over two nights, plus 13 hours of transit time. I got to a place which is only five hours away via a single direct flight. I did it all for the thrill of a summer adventure I'll always remember!

Sonia Vashi

9. Hot pot and barbeque

I've had hot pot and outdoor barbecue without air-conditioning - at noon. We usually have them during winter to keep us warm. That time, my friend and I decided to sweat it all out!

Janet Tam

10. Football adventure

It all happened when I went to play football with my friend one day. I don't play the sport often, and I let in three goals as a goalie at the time. I got a bit mad, and I accidentally kicked the ball out into the car park nearby. It was picked up by a security guard who ran after me. I ran away. Unfortunately, I bumped into a young woman and broke one of her colourful fingernails. I apologised and asked her if I could help her. In return, she hit me with her handbag. I was really confused, so I decided to leave the woman alone and ran straight back home without my football. Luckily the next day, my dad helped me get the ball back from the car park management office.

Balwinder Singh Brar

Next week's top 10

Two massive protests took place in Hong Kong last month: the annual July 1 march and the anti-national education march. Out of the two, the demonstration against the proposed national education curriculum is especially relevant to you.

If you were one of the protesters in the crowd, what would you write on your placard? On the other hand, if you are pro-national education, what would your slogan be?

Send your answer, together with your name, to reporters.club@scmp.com now. Put "top10_placard" in the subject bar.



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