Binbogami ga! (Anime)

Binbogami ga! (Anime)

We've probably all had our share of good and bad luck, but what would you do if the god of poverty decided to take up permanent residence in your home? Sakura Ichiko, the most popular girl in high school, is about to find out in the anime Binbogami ga!

Based on Yoshiaki Sukeno's comedy manga of the same name, the new series follows Sakura's battles with the god, Momiji.

Sakura is a cheerful, outgoing girl, popular with all the students at her school, and blessed with abundant amount of good luck.

However, Sakura also absorbs the good luck of those around her, which unfortunately throws the cosmic scales of karma out of balance and harms those that stay in prolonged contact with her.

In order to right the scales and bring order to the universe, Momiji is dispatched to give Sakura some much-needed bad luck. At first, Momiji tries to scare and shock her in the girls' bathroom at school, but manages only to slightly freak her out. After several failed attempts, Momiji decides to move into Sakura's flat and enrol at her high school as a student, to take every possible opportunity to siphon off some of the ridiculously vast amount of good fortune that the girl possesses.

If you've ever wondered why you're having either a good or bad day at school, it's just possible that Momiji is around.

Look out for Binbogami ga! on local channels sometime soon.


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