Our best brainstorm apps

Our best brainstorm apps

If you think there is already an application for everything, think again. Our readers have plenty of ideas for some brand new ones that would make life so much easier - and so much more fun

1. Weather Forecast

Hong Kong weather in summer is so unstable. Knowing the weather conditions ahead of time not only comes in handy, but also saves me money, as I won't have to keep buying so many umbrellas.

Doris Lam

2. Species scanner

It's kind of like Pokedex in Pokemon, which can identify pokemons. But instead of pokemons, the real-life version would help identify animals and plants, and provide information about them. It would teach us to appreciate nature better.

Harry Cheng

3. Pulse

I don't even have to write one because my dream app is already here. This app is very useful, and you can read all the world news with just a tap and a swipe of your finger.

Dorothy Tsang

4. Embarrassment Saver

I wish there was a reminder system to warn me before I post something I might regret on Facebook: say, passive-aggressive status updates, usually in the form of lyrics. This app would clean up my online profile, so to speak.

Candace Kwan

5. Hipster Findr'

I'd create a special multimedia app for budding writers, artists, musicians and filmmakers. It would include an e-library for them to find tips and tricks. It would also contain many fiction books and would be full of still pictures, animation, sound effects, music, and links to reviews and commentary. It would have a "Book/Artwork/Music/Film of the Day" function, too. It would also help you find the nearest bookstores, arts supplies retailers, or music stores.

Cassandra Lee

6. Fantastic Fitness Test

People are often judged on their appearance. Much money is wasted on unnecessary cosmetic products. With Fantastic Fitness Test, they could measure how many calories they had consumed, and the intensity of UV light in their surroundings. The app would also provide a healthy diet for you, after you enter the details of your current everyday diet.

Yeeman Ching

7. Apps Writer

My app would help ordinary people write their own apps. People can write any app that caters to their needs, and all they have to do is just click a few buttons.

Simon Leung

8. Spam Avenger

The app would shield people from Facebook spamming. What's more, it would even identify the spammers and spam them back. Watch out!

John Cheng

9. Path Findr'

I would write an app for blind people who get lost, so that they could find their way around.

Naomi Kam

10. Sky-Gazr'

I would like to write a sky-gazing app, which allows users to look around the universe, as in a universal sandbox.

Ken Cheung

Next week: The London 2012 Olympics start today. Which sports should be allowed at the Olympics and which should not is a matter of heated debate. For next week's Top 10: If you had the authority to add one new sport into the Olympics, what would it be? Chinese Chess? Hotdog eating? World of Warcraft?

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