Final episode script dazzles

Final episode script dazzles

As if there hadn't been enough disheartening class warfare in movies lately, Christopher Nolan decides to incorporate the theme into the final part of his Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises.

After defeating the Joker, the city of Gotham returns to peace. But what the people don't know is that they are lauding the wrong hero; Harvey Dent was, in fact, the ludicrous Two-Face, while Batman was the real Dark Knight. Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale), alias Batman, becomes a recluse.

But the evil rises again as Bane (Tom Hardy), arrives to terrorise the city. As the crisis unfolds, Wayne decides to re-don his Batman suit, and protect Gotham.

The plot is mind-blowing. Rises is no ordinary superhero movie, but a film featuring a superhero. The subtext of Bane versus corporate greed is something we can all relate to, and Batman has never been so human before.

New cast members like Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Anne Hathaway give the film a fresh kick, while the original actors maintain their excellence.

This movie is a challenge, laid by Nolan, to Bruce Wayne: it is time to come to terms with his obsessive reliance on infinite wealth and extravagant gadgets. To be a real Batman, Wayne needs to toughen up, both physically and intellectually, before saving Gotham from Bane's hands.

Please, Nolan, go back on your words and make a fourth movie.

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