Return of the hardcore rockers

Return of the hardcore rockers

American rockers Linkin Park surprised their diehard fans with their 2010 release, A Thousand Suns. It was a far departure from the nu-metal sounds that shot them to the top of the music world 12 years ago and has kept them there. But fear not, LP fans, they have returned to that hardcore sound in their latest album, Living Things.

The single Burn It Down is the perfect example of the signature LP sound. Lead singer Chester Bennington's intense vocals lead the way before rapper Mike Shinoda delivers his verse, over synth elements, hip hop beats and guitar riffs seamlessly blended into a hit song.

Lost in the Echo follows the same winning formula except this time it's Shinoda's rap that makes up the bulk of the song with Bennington's primal screams coming in the chorus.

There seem to be more hip hop tracks on Living Things than on previous LP albums. While they found gold with Lost in the Echo, they weren't so lucky with Lies Greed Misery.

Sandwiched between the rock and hip hop is an excellent piano ballad, Road Untravelled.

With 12 tracks clocking in at only about 37 minutes, LP's return to their roots is short, but nevertheless, it is still sweet.

YP Rating: 3/5

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