Silent, soothing passions

Silent, soothing passions

This time of year means ... romantic, dreamy days spent thinking of home, the one you love, rereading special letters, taking a trip to Japan - it even, er, reminds you of Christmas Day

Summer, to me, means a happy time when the sun is shining and the birds are singing, with no worries in my head. So I have decided to fill it with all the songs and lyrics I love.

Whenever I Say Your Name by Sting, featuring Mary J. Blige

This song from his album The Best of 25 Years is a classic with beautiful and reassuring lyrics: "Whenever your memory feeds my soul/ whatever got broken becomes whole/ Whenever I'm filled with doubts that we will be together ..." What else do I need to say?

In My Dreams by James Morrison

Summer is the perfect time for daydreaming, one of my favourite activities. This song from his album Awakening has all the right feelings for the season - light and sweet. Will you be in my dreams this summer?

Silent Emotion by Cagnet

One of the theme songs from the Japanese drama series Long Vacation - I stayed up watching it all night, every night, for a week one summer. The story focuses on two couples and their intricate love stories. One of my favourite artists, Takuya Kimura, a singer from the famous Japanese boy band SMAP, starred in it.

Woman by Ken Hirai

My top choice for a summer track has got to be from Ken Hirai, my favourite Japanese singer of all time. Woman is a song from his newest album, Confession. I love the melody and the lyrics - it's rather sad, but very poetic. But, above all, I love Ken's voice: it melts my heart.

Home by Michael Buble

This is another favourite of mine, from the Canadian singer's album It's Time. Summer is the time I miss Canada the most: the mountains and hills, the turquoise lakes, the big, blue sky, and my family there. And I particularly like this line: "And I've been keeping all the letters that I wrote to you ..."

Make You Feel My Love by Adele

Taken off her album 19, this is the loveliest song I've ever heard from a female singer. Adele's interpretation of Bob Dylan's lyrics is down-to-earth and unpretentious, like something you should say to the person you love. I love this song because it just feels right.

Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometimes by Beck

I first heard this song when watching the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which I loved. My mind was locked into the sounds of the chords from the beginning. The simple but powerful lyrics - and the way they support the story's unexpected, creative plot - have never left me.

Postman (郵差) by Faye Wong

I don't know why, but summer is always a nostalgic time for me. It always reminds me of a certain time being at a certain place. This song was a frequent favourite when I lived in Discovery Bay many years ago. I used to sit by the window, watching the sunset, while listening to the song, letting my mind wander far, far away.

Everything is Christmas by Park Jung-min

The melody is happy, and so is the voice of this Korean pop singer. The song's lyrics are about how every day is like Christmas Day when you're with someone you love. Listening to the song, even if you don't understand the words, will brighten up your darkest day.

Who Says by John Mayer

From the album Battle Studies, this song has a slightly rebellious tone and a line that says: "Plan a trip to Japan alone" - which is what I do all the time. I'm going again this summer!



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