Beastly powers

Beastly powers

The ultimate formula for creating a superhero is to give a human the powers of an animal. Batman and Spider-Man are both great examples of this formula. For this week's Top 10, we've asked our readers to create their own superheroes

1. Hedgehog-girl

I am not talking about an ordinary hedgehog but Sonic the hedgehog. With his speedy legs, hedgehog-girl could outrun a fighter-jet. Even better, Sonic is able to shoot spikes at villains.

Iona Lockhart

2. Monkeygirl

My superhero is a combination of a golden lion tamarin and a little girl. She would grow a tail after her transformation, giving her better balancing ability. As she is infused with monkey DNA, she is good at climbing and is able to swing from building to building. I would like to name her Pudding because her hair would be yellow, like some desserts.

Wong Ho-yan

3. Geckoman

Walking on walls, spying on people, and eavesdropping on conversations. He'd be the perfect spy!

Doris Lam

4. Rabbitkid

Rabbits have excellent vision, and can hear faint sounds. Let's face it: what superpowers do we need apart from these two?

Winnie Lee

5. Jelly Junky

He is the hybrid of a human and a jellyfish. He'd be super-flexible and able to breathe underwater. He could turn invisible, or even regenerate his damaged parts as jellyfishes do. His weapon of choice would be electrocution; he could paralyse his enemies just by brushing his fingers past them.

Samantha Borje

6. Porcupineman

My superhero would be a combination of a human and a porcupine. When my superhero is in danger, the sharp spikes on his back would stick out. Then he would roll into a ball and stab bad guys and predators.

Samantha Chan

7. Cockroachwoman

She wouldn't grow dangling antennas and have eight legs. Rather, she would have the power to exterminate cockroaches just by staring at them.

Elaine Leung

8. Human Chameleon

Although chameleons don't really have great combat tactics, they do have two special tricks. They can camouflage themselves by changing their skin colour and so blend into their environment. They can also rotate their eyes independently.

These skills could benefit any superhero.

Coco Lam

9. Owlgirl

Her name would be Tawny. Like an owl, Tawny could see things from miles away. She would then swoop down to gobble her prey in seconds. She'd be a meat lover and dislike vegetables. She could also ninja-split into many other Tawnies to multitask.

Cassandra Lee

10. Fishman

It'd be awesome to have a superhero combining fish and human - not because fishes have fins but because of their memory. According to scientific research, the short-term memory of many fish species lasts only seven to 10 seconds. In fast-paced Hong Kong, we could all use a bit of fish memory to forget all the stress and hassle.

Samantha Lau

Next week: Mobile phone apps play a big part in our lives these days. If you were an app developer, what kind of apps would you create? What functions would they have?

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