Hello Kitty in Oz - the Lost Chapter (exhibition)

Hello Kitty in Oz - the Lost Chapter (exhibition)

Calling all Hello Kitty otaku! Our beloved little white kitten has been swept off to the Land of Oz and needs your help to prevent the end of the Emerald City and the rest of that magical world.

From July 19 to August 5, a large part of the ground floor of the Kowloon International Technology and Exhibition Centre will be transformed into Hello Kitty in Oz - The Lost Chapter, a Hello Kitty village with a Wizard of Oz theme that will melt even the Wicked Witch of the West's heart with all its "Kawaii-ness".

Visitors to the village will find the Lion, Scarecrow and Tin Man's homes along with a spooky forest, an Escher-inspired room, and the largest Hello Kitty head ever made, amongst many other spectacular displays and exhibits.

For those who go for the combo package a special Hello Kitty in Oz figure will enable you to play interactive games where the points that you score will help you earn extra accessories for your Hello Kitty figure.

Also available at the village is exclusive Hello Kitty in Oz merchandise, such as mobile phone covers, key chains, speakers, T-shirts and an assortment of jewellery that can only be found at the event.

For ticketing and further information, visit the official Hello Kitty in Oz - The Lost Chapter website: www.hellokittyinoz.com


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