Meet the chefs

Meet the chefs


TG Final 24_L
Photo: May Tse/SCMP
The Towngas Young Master Chef cooking contest is officially under way! Congratulations to the 24 individuals/teams who have qualified to take part in six cooking modules over the coming five weeks where they will learn new techniques and polish their cooking skills. But, at the end of each module, they will face elimination until there is one left. The champion chef/chefs will win a trip to France, and attend cooking classes at Le Cordon Bleu, one of the most prestigious cooking schools in France.

Let's find out who the 24 contestants are ...

Team 1: Yuen Ka-hei

Team 2: Chan Tsz-him

Team 3: Isabel Chan

Team 4: Nicole Marie De Witt

Team 6: Sze Lok-yee & Kun Lok-yiu

Team 8: Tsang Chiu-yee & Chau Hiu-yin

Team 9: Lai Tat-ching

Team 10: Lo Kit-yi

Team 11: Leung Po-wing & Yim Ching-ki

Team 12: Lam Wai-man

Team 13: Wan Chi-lung

Team 15: Tsui Wing-yin

Team 16: Grace Chan Ying-yu & Cherry Mok Wing-lam

Team 17: Leung Cheuk-ki

Team 19: Tang Yuk-ching & Tse Hin-wing

Team 20: Lo Kit-si

Team 21: Cheung Yan-chi

Team 22: 張嘉麗 & 鍾佩雯

Team 23: 江得欣

Team 25: 林美玲

Team 26: Chan Ming-yip & Leung Yui-nam

Team 27: Chan Ka-hei & Natalie Wong Wing-yin

Team 28: Kwok Tsz-lam & Ho Wing-yan

Team 29: Jonathan Ko Cheuk-yin



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