A crazy night for K-Pop

A crazy night for K-Pop

Popular bands dazzle in Macau


Girls' Generation lights up the stage.
Girls' Generation lights up the stage.
Photos: Venetian Macao
Going to Macau to watch a concert means tolerating bouts of hour-long seasickness and a very late bedtime. But the K-Pop Nation Concert 2012 held at the Venetian Macao last Sunday made it worthwhile.

Whenever I think about it, the night's upbeat electric music still rings in my ears.

The show kicked off as six-member boy band U-Kiss heated up the stage with Neverland, followed by the hypnotic Man Man Ha Ni. It was the first time I'd seen them perform live, and I was impressed.

The next band, B.A.P, made an epic entrance as a veil was lowered onstage and green laser lights drew the group's name. I loved the dreamy, rainy light show for their first song, It's All Lies, as a gentle light was projected on the veil.

Then the members changed from white suits to military uniforms for the song Power, which lived up to its name. The heavy rock beat was underscored by the singers' powerful vocals.

The only disappointing part of the concert, I thought, was the scratchy stylings of DJ Schedule 1, who appeared between each groups' performances.

To us die-hard K-Pop fans, he seemed unnecessary, so it was no surprise that some angry fans booed him. Thankfully, there were many other things that made up for the annoyance.

When it was SHINee's turn, the audience stood up like a frantic mob. The five-member R&B group started with Lucifer, which immediately got the audience moving.

Formed by SM Entertainment in 2008, they have made a mark with their sizzling tracks and complex dance moves. It was a big letdown to learn that band member Minho couldn't perform due to a conflict in schedule. It was a shame that their jaw-dropping dance, choreographed by the world-famous Tony Testa, had to be reworked into a dance for four instead of five as they finished up with their latest hit, Sherlock (Clue + Note).

Still, the boys gave it their all, and Onew managed to perform Minho's part well. The crowd was not ready to bid them goodbye after three songs - we needed more from them to be satisfied.

After another painful session from DJ Schedule 1, the massively popular Girls' Generation blasted on stage. The nine-member pop group never fails to amaze people with their lovely voices and looks.

They started with Genie and Run Devil Run, electrifying the atmosphere with their classic leg-twisting moves. When they stopped to address the crowd, Tiffany flashed a charming grin and said in perfect English that Girls' Generation "loved Macau".

But during the bubbly track Gee (the one with that memorable "gee-gee gee-gee baby baby" line), technical problems occurred and the music abruptly stopped twice.

Tiffany cleverly soothed our grumbles by claiming this was their gift to us so we could spend more time with them.

The problems were eventually fixed and the girls finished their last song. Yet the technical snags left fans confused as the girls' silhouettes disappeared behind the stage.

Overall, the concert was immensely enjoyable, even those acts I'm not a huge fan of. Forgetting the show's minor flaws and that annoying DJ, I headed home contented and "gee-gee"ing all the way.



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