Fangs for the film role

Fangs for the film role

Vampire movies always prove a big hit at the box office. Even Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States, is featured in an upcoming film about them.

For this week's top 10, we ask our readers who they'd cast as a vampire if they were directing a movie

1. Taylor Lautner

I'd love to cast Taylor Lautner as my protagonist. Since he's the vampire-hating werewolf in Twilight, I figure it'd be quite ironic and interesting to see him play a completely different role. We're so used to seeing him as Jacob Black, I think it would be entertaining to see him play anyone else.

Sophie Cheung

2. Meryl Streep

I can totally picture a delicate, Miranda-Priestly-like vampire, as picky in blood types as she is about clothes.

Theodora Yu

3. Ashley Tisdale

I would cast Ashley Tisdale, because she is so beautiful and talented. Also, dark colours look great on her.

Mizuki Nishiyama

4. R2-D2

I support equality. I think robots deserve a chance to portray vampires, too. It'd be a vampire movie from the future.

Lau Chun-kit

5. Alex Pettyfer

After seeing his rocking bod in Beastly, how could he not be the greatest new vampire? He might even be the new Robert Pattinson.

Doris Lam

6. Idris Elba

He started his working life as a DJ, but the London-born actor is now one of Hollywood's most sought-after talents. He first rose to fame as a corrupt businessman in the American TV series The Wire. Since then, Elba has gone on to star in blockbuster hits Thor and Prometheus, and pick up a Golden Globe Award for his role in the BBC crime drama, Luther. Elba's screen presence and potential to play brooding characters make him a perfect choice for a blood-sucking, sharp-toothed vampire.

Cameron Tucker

7. Hachi

Being a vampire is about being loyal to your clan and family. I know puppies are generally known to be loyal, but Hachi is the pinnacle of all dogs in that way.

Dennis Goodboy

8. Sherlock Holmes

If he was a vampire in The Vampire Diaries, he would be able to force his suspects to tell the truth, and make his detective work a lot easier. Even better, maybe he could read minds like Edward Cullen, and wouldn't even need to interrogate people! Also, as a vampire, he'd be in a lot less danger when facing criminals with guns.

Ruby Leung

9. Marilyn Manson

With his gothic personality, dark music and haunting performances, he would make the perfect vampire! Just please don't make him sparkle like his fellow vampire friends.

Eric Kwan

10. Totoro

I love Totoro's smile. If he were to be turned into a vampire, he would still be a cute one, with an adorable, eye-teethed smile.

Gabrielle Chan



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