Chock-full of heavy rock

Chock-full of heavy rock

Slash is famous for several things: being the former guitarist for iconic 1990s rock band Guns N' Roses, being the current guitarist for Velvet Revolver, his epic guitar riffs and his ever-present, stylish, black top hat. While his present band is on hiatus, he enlisted the help of Myles Kennedy - the lead singer for alternative band Alter Bridge - to record his second solo album, Apocalyptic Love.

As you would expect, it's chock-full of heavy rock tracks with the focus on the guitars. Standing in the Sun is fun, blues-influenced rock. Kennedy's energetic vocals and Slash's incredible solo will leave you head-banging and air-bass-drumming along to it. You're a Lie has a darker, heavier feel, with grungier guitar strums, yet it's as catchy as the previous track.

Anastasia opens with enchanting acoustic guitar, hinting at a possible soft number. But then the electric guitar kicks in with an awesome, addictive hook.

Kennedy's vocals range from emotional cries to powerful wails. They perfectly complement Slash's guitar work - never overpowering the riffs nor hiding behind them.

Apocalyptic Love is an excellent album to rock out to for guitar and air-guitar enthusiasts alike.

YP Rating: 4/5

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