Let the dragon sail into the sunset!

Let the dragon sail into the sunset!

Those traditional boat designs are so old-fashioned. Here are some much better ideas ...

The dragon - that divine, mystical creature we have inherited from the ancient Chinese - has been spearheading our dragon boats for as long as we can remember. For this week's Top 10, we asked our readers what creature they would use to replace those old dragon heads if they were given the chance.

1. Lion

If I had to remake this old Chinese tradition, I would put a lion's head on the boat. Although lions don't swim, they give a fearfully victorious impression. Lions are the King of Animals, and so I choose these beasts.

Eva Lee

2. Monkey

A mischievous monkey would be a perfect mascot on a boat. That would make it lively and bouncy. The competition is intense, but it's also full of fun and excitement.

Samantha Lau

3. Nyan Cat

I would put the cartoonish Nyan Cat on my boat. Why? It would win lots of laughs from the crowd. I would also add a rainbow flag and pretend the cat is hovering in outer space - like it does in a viral video. Dragons are a bit outdated. We need Nyan Cats!

Pradyumn Dayal

4. Unicorn

Rule number one of assigning a mascot animal to a boat: it has to be a mythical creature. Unicorns would be perfect.

Rajinder Deol

5. Bear

Bears occupy the middle ground of being fierce and adorable. The bear should be the next dragon.

Mimi Lam

6. Horse

It must be a horse. The horse is a powerful animal, which gallops at a frightening speed. Imagine how fast it would be on water! Also, horses' manes look pretty as they blow in the wind. Horses are also friendly and loyal animals. So definitely a horse.

Janet Choi

7. Phoenix

Culturally, Hong Kong is a meeting point between East and West. Phoenixes feature in Harry Potter's world, too. They would be a symbol of Hong Kong's multiculturalism.

Louise Ho

8. Panda

Pandas are black and white. That should give the boat a unique design.

Krystal Sanchez

9. Dennis Goodboy

Young Post's canine mascot could be used on Young Post's own boat. Because of his cuteness, he'd be our secret weapon to distract other participants.

Candace Kwan

10. Candace Kwan

She has nominated me as the next top dragon boat's head. As a puppy with humble courtesy, I shall return her favour by nominating her.

Dennis Goodboy

Next week:

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