Wednesday's Brain Game

Wednesday's Brain Game


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Every Wednesday and Friday we ask our Brain Game contestants one interesting, thought-provoking or just plain quirky question. Then Young Post readers can choose to eliminate one until we have a winner. Who do you want OUT? Vote below.

This round we asked: What strange things do you collect?


Yasmin Subba, 16, Sha Tin College

I collect notebooks. There's something alluring about the soft blank pages of a neatly-bound book; it's to do with my love of stories. I associate a blank notebook with possibilities - as if there's a fantastic story just waiting to be jotted down.

It's also special to find one of my old, well-used notebooks and open it, flick through all the stories, notes and drawings, and imaginary worlds I've created in the past.

However, I feel very uncomfortable if people ask to look at my old notebooks. They are very personal: it's as if they're looking inside my head.

I've too many notebooks, so it's difficult to pick a favourite. But one, from Nepal, has a deep purple hardcover and a swirling red-and-green-ink design on it. The book is as tall as my hand - perfect for carrying - with creamy white, hand-made pages. Yet it's what's on the pages that's most important. I had a lot of fun making up a story about pirates, a Chinese princess, swashbuckling fights, and adventure ... but that's a story I should save for later.

Mizuki Nishiyama, 13, Canadian International School

I like collecting old 10-cent coins featuring Queen Elizabeth, which are still being used in Hong Kong. Few people I know like to collect them, but I love looking at my collection. I keep it in a huge glass jar. Each time I drop a coin in there, I feel very satisfied. My goal is to fill the jar with these coins.

I saw these coins for the first time when I was snooping in the drawers in my parent's old study. I found lots of Queen Elizabeth coins and asked my mum about them. I think she answered my question, but I don't remember what she told me! I just knew they were old and slightly different from the modern coins in use now.

I love the coins, even though they're old and dirty and a rusty copper colour. I'd like to meet someone else who likes to collect them, so we can share our discoveries.

Thichachon Jaipakdee, 17, St Paul's Convent School

I collect concert tickets. Maybe it's not that strange, but they are quite special to me. I really enjoy going to music concerts: I have really good memories every time I look at the tickets. My collection is not so big as I haven't attended many concerts in my life, but each ticket provides wonderful experiences of the music I love, and share with my friends. The most recent concert I went to was that of the group Chinese Man. It was the craziest, yet the best concert I've been to so far.

After each concert, I put up the tickets on my pinboard, which is like my inspiration board. Every time I look at it, I smile because I remember that these were the best times of my life. They act as a reminder of my happiness and good memories.

Doris Lam, 15, St Margaret's Co-educational English Secondary and Primary School

Life often presents us with many wonderful opportunities and memories as we grow up. We meet all sorts of people who may have a big impact on us - and may even change how we think and act. For me, collecting memories is something that I've been doing since I was born.

Although my memories are stored in my mind - and I can't "show" my collection to friends - I feel my collection is a lot more meaningful and personal than collecting stamps or other things. Memories aren't solid things that can be shared so no one could understand the joy or sadness such memories give me: that's why my "collection" is so special.

Sometimes, I sit and rethink of the special moments, the smiles - and also the mistakes and embarrassing moments of the past. I can learn from them, and become a better person. There are also some bad memories I never want to remember ... But my collection will keep growing - and I will keep learning.


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