Hyperactive J-techno on tap

Hyperactive J-techno on tap

From a first glance at the cover for JPN, you'd expect typical girl group fare. Don't be fooled - Japanese band Perfume may well blow you away with their technopop sounds.

Their third studio album is an energetic collection of electronic-infused pop, heavy with robotic synth, seemingly written to be played on an intergalactic craft.

Laser Beam and Glitter sound like something from an 80s video game. Both tracks are fast-paced, with 8-bit-like synth beats coming at you from all directions. The back-to-back songs are so alike, it's hard to tell when one ends and the next begins: fine for two songs, but if the whole album was like that, it would've been tiring.

There is more some typical J-pop, such as the bouncy Fall In Love Naturally. Evidence of actual instruments (well, a piano) can be heard on Faint Fragrance in an otherwise sub-par J-pop song.

The highlight has to be 575. Although slightly autotuned, you finally get to actually hear the singers' voices, as the track kicks off with just vocals and minimal backing. Alas, the frantic sounds come back in the rap verses - it would've worked better without.

JPN is spoonfuls-of-sugar-just-before-bed hyper. The pulsing music and bubbly voices will have you dancing late into the night.

YP Rating: 3/5

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