Time to treat daddy dearest

Time to treat daddy dearest

Yes, we love our dads every day ... but we can also give them a special treat to make Father's Day that extra bit special

There are only two days to go before Father's Day. So for this week's top 10, we asked our readers what the best Father's Day gift would be ...

1. Elixir of Life

The mythical Elixir of Life would be the best Father's Day gift. It grants the drinker eternal life and eternal youth. With it, I could always have my wonderful dad by my side.

Tacye Hong

2. Four-leafed clover plant

My dad loves gardening. Giving him a four-leafed clover plant would add a new species to his collection - and bless him with good luck!

Doris Lam

3. Remote-control rights

I shall grant my papa the unquestionable supreme right to use the remote. No arguing, nothing. We'll watch whatever he wants - no eye-rolling, promise.

Candace Kwan

4. Clam-digging

Fancy seafood cuisine? Why not go clam-digging with your father and add a dish to your Father's Day home-cooked meal.

Louise Ho

5. Book

How about a handmade book of your father's quotes, and examples of how you put his advice into practice? He'll surely be happy to see his children becoming better people, day by day.

Krystal Sanchez

6. Tie

Pink is the next black: I would buy my dad an extravagant pink tie.

Rajinder Deol

7. Ticket to the newest action movie

Spend some quality time with your dad, and watch some jaw-dropping action stunts. And eat popcorn!

Mimi Lam

8. Photograph album

A photo album containing snippets of memories of me and my dad. It's going to be an album to remember, and a way to thank my dad for raising me.

Harry Cheng

9. Double delight

Dinner is a must, but how about dinner and a performance of his favourite song?

Balwinder Brar

10. Green-tea-flavoured bone

My dad likes green tea and bones. I'm going to give him a "green T-bone". Yum!

Dennis Goodboy

Next Saturday is the Dragon Boat Festival. Dragons are fearfully cool, but it seems that they have been on our boats since - well, forever. For next week's top 10, we'd like to know which animal you would put on the boat if you got to rewrite that tradition. Write "Top 10 dragon boat" in the subject line and send your suggestion, together with your name, to reporters.club@scmp.com now!



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