Stylish electronic follow-up

Stylish electronic follow-up

At last year's Clockenflap music festival in Hong Kong, American singer Santigold showed that she is one cool and stylish customer. Those same qualities are reflected in her newest studio album, Master of My Make-Believe.

Released four years after her debut, Master is a genre-blender with hints of dance, rock, indie, punk and hip hop. The songs would fit anywhere from a club to an underground indie show.

The opening track, Go!, is a fast-paced thumper featuring Karen O, lead singer of popular New York indie band Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Whenever I think of Santigold, it's for tracks like this. It's fun, electronic and slightly odd, yet catchy. Single Disparate Youth features electronic beats and sporadic guitar riffs along with hypnotic vocals. The result is a track to bob your head to. The Keepers and The Riot's Gone are two other mid-tempo songs that are worth a listen, especially the latter. It's as emotional a track as an electronic artist can make. It's slow and sensitive but still makes you want to groove.

No one track really stands out, but that doesn't mean it's a poor record. It's the perfect album to have on repeat while sitting at a cafe on a lazy Sunday afternoon, watching the crowds pass you by.

YP Rating: 3/5

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