Script: Listening Exercise 148

Script: Listening Exercise 148


Each morning at about 8.30am, the TV programme 'Breakfast Time' has a section called 'Good Deed Feed'. Viewers are invited to phone in to express their thanks to someone who has recently done them a good deed.

Voice: Good Morning, and welcome to this morning's Good Deed Feed. We've had four very grateful callers today. Let's find out who they'd like to thank.

Caller 1 : Hello, my name's Kate and I want to thank the station staff and the nurse who helped me two days ago when I fainted in the MTR station. I felt fine as I was walking away from the ticket barrier, but suddenly I blacked out. I was out cold for a couple of minutes. When I woke up, there was a small group of people helping me, including a nurse who tested my vision and responses. Someone else had brought me a drink of water. Everyone was so kind. I was a bit dizzy when I stood up, but otherwise I felt okay. I'm going to go see the doctor tomorrow morning to tell him what happened. I just want to thank everyone who came to my assistance.

Caller 2: Hi, I'm John. I want to say thank you to the taxi driver who drove back to building to return the iPod I'd left in his taxi. I got in the taxi in front of my office building. It was pouring - talk about cats and dogs. I was in the taxi for about twenty minutes. I always listen to music when I take a taxi home after work. I rushed into the apartment building to avoid getting wet. I didn't realise I'd left my iPod on the seat. When the driver saw my iPod, he drove back to the building and described me to the guard. And that's how I got my iPod back. I didn't get the taxi driver's name, but thank you again, whoever you are.

Caller 3: Hello. I'm Linda and I'm calling to thank the kind lady who ran after me when I was leaving the supermarket to return the money I'd dropped - a five hundred dollar note! I usually have smaller notes on me, but I wanted to get change for the thousand dollar note I was given at Lunar New Year. It had been in my wallet since then. I was in a bit of a rush, and just stuffed the change about six hundred dollars and some coins in the back pocket of my jeans. Stupid ... I know. It was the lady behind me in the queue at the checkout who saw the note drop out of my pocket and came after me. It was such a relief - I don't get my allowance for another two weeks! Thanks again. I'm very grateful for what you did.

Caller 4: Good morning. I'm Terry and I want to thank the kind lady who phoned for an ambulance last Saturday afternoon when I was out jogging, and slipped and broke my ankle. I go out jogging three times a week after work and I always follow the same route. I never take my phone because I know the route so well. I'd been out about a quarter of an hour when I slipped and fell over. I immediately knew I must have had broken my ankle because the pain was so bad. A lady driving past stopped and phoned for an ambulance. She stayed with me until the ambulance came. I should have asked for your name. You were very kind. Thank you very much.


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