That beachy summer day

That beachy summer day

What to do in the heat? Here 10 of our readers give us the lowdown on how to have the greatest amount of fun

Summer is just around the corner, and many of you will be going to the beach. But you might as well do something fun rather than just lie there.

For this week's top 10, we asked our readers what they would do to enhance their beach experience.

1. Dance Party

What's better than a dance party on the beach? Shake your stress away and let the summer begin!

Doris Lam

2. Studying

Beaches blessed with sunshine are definitely a great place for study. We'll feel much more energetic with friends on the beach. We can all prepare for our exams in an effective, yet relaxing, way.

Winnie Lee

3. Beach cleaning

As part of my school's community and service opportunities, I once had a chance to go with my year group to help clean the beach. It was a great experience. I'd never have realised the seriousness of plastic and trash pollution at beaches - until this excursion.

When I go to the beach now, I know I've done a bit to help.

Claron Niu

4. Chilling out

I would go for a walk and have a picnic in a nice place on the beach. The other two constants of this summer formula are music and best friends.

Ruth Boon

5. Beach running

I would put together a summer playlist, grab my trainers and go for a long run. After that, some refreshing sips of ice tea and sunbathing would be perfect.

Leah Birkby

6. Building sandcastles

If you're an artsy person, you'll like building sandcastles. But if you're bad at modelling, you might end up just stacking a sand mountain.

Elly Hung

7. Beach camping

Visit an isolated beach and chill out with friends. Make sure you crank up your music to the max, and have a blast!

Cindy Cheung

8. Beach cricket, yeah!

Football, frisbee and rugby are some great pastimes people do on the beach. But beach cricket is the real cream of the crop - because of its simple rules and a large number of participants.

Boy, is it fun!

Cameron Tucker

9. Get buried in sand

Dig a big hole, jump in there, and enjoy the feeling of cool sand brushing against your skin. Just make sure not to leave a friend behind, buried there on the beach!

Mimi Lam

10. Joking around

The beach is a great location to truly unwind, and think. I plan to lie under an umbrella on a beach - pursuing my passion of stand-up comedy. That's the way to come up with great new material. Sweet!

Raoul Montgomery

Next Sunday is Father's Day. For next week's top 10, we would like to hear some out-of-the-box Father's Day gift ideas. Write "top 10 father" in the subject line and send your suggestion, together with your name, to now!



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