Tron: Uprising (TV series)

Tron: Uprising (TV series)

The neon world of the Tron movies moves from big screen to small in a new animated show called Tron: Uprising that is filled with light cycles and disc battles.

The events of the new show take place in between the two movies; a severely wounded Tron must find a new hero to take up his mantle and battle the evil machinations of Clu, who has slowly and systematically taken over the digital mainframe. Answering the call is a young program called Beck who uses his mechanical talents and bravado to battle Clu's dastardly minions General Tesler and field commander Paige.

The series has a stellar voice cast that includes Bruce Boxleitner, the very man to play Tron in the two movie blockbusters. Rounding out the rest of the cast is Elijah Wood (Lord of the Rings), who plays Beck; Lance Henriksen (Alien) as General Tesler, Mandy Moore (Tangled), Emmanuelle Chriqui (You Don't Mess with the Zohan), Nate Corddry (Harry's Law) and veteran voice actor Fred Tatasciore, who has given vocal life to numerous animated characters, as the evil, power-mad Clu.

The show will begin airing regularly on the Disney XD channel starting on Thursday in the US. The first episode, which was released a fortnight earlier, can be seen on YouTube, Facebook, and iTunes. Hopefully we'll be included in the Disney "mainframe" some time soon for some light-cycle action.


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