Strikes, stories and animal acts

Strikes, stories and animal acts

Hong Kong's summer is blessed - or some may say cursed - by rainy spells. For this week's top 10, we ask our junior reporters what their favourite indoor summer activities are

1. Board game

Rainy days are great opportunities to gather around and play board games with your family.

Elly Hung

2. Bowling

Despite the cost, bowling is definitely the best rainy summer activity. Getting "a turkey" - dishing out three strikes in a row - is hard. But I'm pleased by my steady improvement. As the saying goes: practice makes perfect!

Phoebe Ma

3. Library safari

How about a day at the Hong Kong Central Library in Causeway Bay? You can spend your whole day reading current and past issues of magazines in the Newspapers and Periodicals section. You can also learn foreign languages by listening to audio clips in the Language Learning Centre, and read about your favourite artists and musicians at the Arts Resource Centre. This place is a perfect weekend hideout, too!

Ruby Leung

4. Indoor paintballing

The best thing about paintballing is you get to be strategic and competitive, but still have heaps of fun with your friends. It doesn't take a lot of skill, and the burst bullets make a colourful mess like rainbow sprinkles on ice-cream. Umm ... Ultimate Summer!

Agnes Chan

5. Sleeping in

It's a great opportunity to catch up with all the sleep we've missed while studying. With Hong Kong's unpredictable weather - heavy rain one minute and scorching heat the next - there's nothing like a beauty sleep.

Jenny Tong

6. Reading Young Post

Duh ... Also, if you can't find a hard copy, you can always read it online.

Charlotte Chan

7. Wii-ing

Like outdoor sports, Wii also involves a lot of movement. But instead of running around on your feet, you swing your arms and waist to work it.

Mimi Lam

8. Harry Potter movie marathon

Expelliarmus! Stupefy! Expecto Patronum!

Alice Wong

9. Reading

The best indoor summer activity is reading! Reading stories can take you to places you couldn't go to even if it wasn't raining - like Narnia and Hogwarts.

Yasmin Subba

10. Ant-watching

Let's watch ants digging tunnels. All we need is an ant farm kit and, of course, some ants. Then, let them dig ... some mind-blowing Picasso surrealist patterns.

Penny Wu

Summer is just around the corner, and going to the beach is inevitable. Obviously, we are all still young - we need to do something other than just lie there. For next week's top 10, tell us your best beach activity. (I would organise a flash mob if I were you. Check this out.)

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