Teens should start to value morality again

Teens should start to value morality again

Sexuality is hardly taboo in the 21st century. Teenagers talk about it openly at school. Researchers look into it widely in studies. Reality shows use it frequently to lure more viewers.

When did casual discussion of sex-related topics become another routine part of our daily lives? I think it's sad.

To start with, "sexting" - sending texts of a sexual nature - is reportedly rampant among teens.

Teens are also far more willing to discuss sensitive issues online and many don't think much of sending nude pictures of themselves to others.

Clearly, moral attitudes have changed a lot in the West since the Victorian era.

Hollywood movies like American Pie and teen dramas like The Vampire Diaries show characters having or seeking pre-marital or casual sex. These activities are portrayed as normal, or even desirable.

Tabloid gossip about celebrities dating different people or showing up in public scantily dressed is also very common.

But think: are our bodies no longer worth protecting? Does loyalty, or faithfulness, have no meaning any longer in our relationships?

To some people, seeking new partners all the time is a desirable way of life, but not to everyone.

And it's not just about good sense. Think of all the sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, herpes and syphilis, which are common among people who have many partners.

Then there is the issue of teenage pregnancies which has become a serious problem in some societies.

Many schools try to promote sex education to limit these problems, but most efforts are futile.

The best solution is to encourage young people to wait until marriage to have sex. We need to place a far higher value on morals and virginity. We all have the ability to say no.



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