Do you get the message?

Do you get the message?

Texting can be a nuisance. A new message can come anywhere, anytime. And you get the urge to reply instantly. Sometimes, you put everything aside just to reply to a trivial message.

We asked our junior reporters when they think you shouldn't be texting ...

1. Swimming

Not only will you soak and break your phone, you also risk crashing into another swimmer or diver. Not the cleverest idea.

Charlotte Chan

2. Walking

I've got to stop texting while I'm walking. Usually when I text and walk at the same time, things start to go wrong. I either get lost or bump into something. It's dangerous because you never know what's in front of you. It's also hard to keep your balance.

Harry Cheng

3. While playing with a dog

Even though not many people here have dogs, it's still something I wouldn't recommend. What if your dog bit your phone while you were texting a friend, just as you were apologising to him about something? You lose a friend and a phone. Lose-lose.

Elly Hung

4. Studying

Study requires focus. Texting will make a person check their phones constantly, and thus interrupt their concentration.

Victoria Kwok

5. Watching movies

I wouldn't text another person while I was watching a movie. It distracts you from the storyline, and if you're in a cinema, you ruin everyone's fun with the glow from your screen!

Yasmin Subba

6. Shopping

Shopping does not go well with texting because being hooked to your mobile will distract you from getting good bargains.

Jocelyn Wong

7. During gatherings

It isn't nice to text when there are other people around, whether you do so at family events or gatherings with friends. People should talk face-to-face when they meet up - not keep punching screens with their fingertips and sending emoticons.

Cecilia Yu

8. When you have company

You shouldn't text while you're with another person.

It's extremely rude and shows disrespect to the person next to you. It gives them the impression that the text you're reading or sending is more important to you than they are.

Winnie Lee Wing-yee

9. While playing Age of Empires

When you're playing Age of Empires with your friends and being swamped by their army, you don't want to get distracted by a text. Besides, you'd need four arms to text, type on a keyboard and control a mouse at the same time.

Alex Chan

10. In bed

Never, ever text when you're lying on your back in bed. There are two scenarios that could happen: a) drop your phone on your face, or b) fall asleep.

Doris Lam

Next week's top 10:

Hong Kong summer is blessed - or some may say cursed - by rainy spells. What would be the best indoor summer activity in Hong Kong? Send your answer, together with your name, to now!



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