Saint Seiyu Omega (anime)

Saint Seiyu Omega (anime)

Burn your Cosmos! A new Saint Seiya series is exploding onto your flat screens, with a new band of young saints battling the evil minions of the god Mars.

The protagonist of Saint Seiya Omega is Koga, a 13-year-old boy who is destined to be the new Pegasus Saint of the goddess Athena. During his training on a remote island, Koga witnesses the abduction of Miss Saori, Athena's earthbound persona. To save her, he must travel to Greece and train at a saint academy, where he will learn to harness the power of his cosmos - what the show calls inner power, chi or chakra. Along the way, Koga will meet new friends and allies that will aide him in his quest to find the Goddess Athena.

The show's artistic style is a little simpler than the original series, and seems to be more of a children's anime. As for storyline, it seems series creator Masami Kurumada has taken a page out of J. K. Rowling's books and created a world that is far too similar to Harry Potter and Hogwarts, which sadly diminishes the viewing experience and slightly tarnishes the Saint Seiya legacy. The first few episodes in the saint academy are some what derivative, but hopefully the future episodes will fare better when the heroes start fighting Mars and his evil minions.

Nevertheless, die-hard Saint Seiya fans won't want to miss this new series when it punches its way onto local screens.


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