Script: Listening Exercise 145

Script: Listening Exercise 145


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Interviewer: Max Jones is a member of the boy band Two Streets which shot to fame after winning the TV talent show New Voices last year. The band's first album is currently top of the charts, and three tracks are currently riding high in the singles charts. Today, Max has found time to answer a few questions for us. You heard it here first! Good morning, Max. Thanks for your time.

Max: Good morning. Its a pleasure.

Interviewer: First, can you tell us what the latest single’s about?

Max: Many of the tracks on the album are about the usual situations that teens like us find ourselves in and have to cope with. All of us put forward ideas when we were writing the songs. But the single is the one track on the album that is not about fairly serious teen stuff. Its a happy, catchy song about laughter.

Interviewer: You wrote both the words and the music. What inspired you?

Max: Oh, thats easy. All of us like a good laugh, so I thought Id write a song about why people laugh and what they laugh at.

Interviewer: What was the first song you ever wrote about?

Max: Let me think... Oh, Im a bit embarrassed to tell you. I was nine years old and I remember our family dog died. He was the same age I was. I was devastated. I wrote a song about him and what he had meant to the family. My mother cried buckets when I sang it.

Interviewer: Are you watching this years New Voices?

Max: Of course! We're all watching. Its the best show on TV. But don't ask me who I think will win it! It wouldn't be fair to comment. But three of us agree. Only Freddy has a different opinion.

Interviewer: What was the first record you ever bought?

Max: I can't remember the first single I bought, but I do remember the first album. It was an oldie that had been around quite a long time. It first came out in 1982. One of my uncles played it all the time, and I thought everything on it was brilliant. As soon as I was old enough to buy things for myself, Thriller was my first album. I wanted my own copy.

Interviewer: Why did you want to become a singer?

Max: I never thought about it. Singing was just something I did.

Interviewer: Have you got any pet hates when it comes to music?

Max: Some sorts of music I like less than others. But all music is good.

Interviewer: What have been the highlights since winning New Voices?

Max: Getting to perform our music live in front of thousands of people.

Interviewer: What is the worst gig youve done since you won?

Max: All of our live gigs have been great in different ways.

Interviewer: What are the perks of your new found fame?

Max: Doing live gigs. We all love performing live.

Interviewer: Max, thanks very much. And all the best for the future.


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