Lifting the lid on home cooking

Lifting the lid on home cooking

There's nothing like home cooking - for celebrations, commiseration and pure indulgence. For this week's top 10, we asked our junior reporters to dish up their favourite home-made meal ...

1. Fried eggs with tomatoes

It contains tonnes of nutrients, including vitamin C and protein. Also, it's easy to cook and ready to be served in a simple few steps.

Dorothy Tsang

2. Stir-fried eggs with prawns

The smooth, creamy texture comes from eggs which are 70 per cent cooked. The prawns are indulgently crispy. Spring onions add a seductive aroma, especially when my dad cooks it.

Janet Tam

3. Sweet and sour pork

Whenever we go to my grandparents' for dinner, I sit in the kitchen and watch my grandmother cook. One night, I saw her frying something, which she normally doesn't do. It looked like chicken nuggets, so I asked her what we were having. She said it was sweet and sour pork, and gave me some pieces to taste before she added the sauce. To this day, she still makes this dish for us whenever we come by.

Kristie Chan

4. Tofu skin with beef

It's soft, tender, scrumptious and savoury. Even with a tiny bite, the aromatic juice of the beef fills my mouth, tickles my tongue and rushes into my throat. With the next bite, I savour the supple texture of the beancurd sheet. Beef and tofu are both wholesome ingredients because they are jam-packed with protein and minerals.

Natalie Fung

5. Baked salmon

My mum used to be a reluctant cook. But after being bombarded by my constant requests, she finally attempted this dish. Baked salmon has since turned into our family's signature meal. It's serenaded by black pepper, and the zesty flavour of lemon juice. Sometimes, though, she overcooks the fish, making it a bit chewy.

Eric Kwan

6. Four-cheese risotto

My father cooked it for me when I was little, and I was amazed how tasty it was! The moment you eat it, the well-mixed four cheeses slowly melt on your tongue. Munch the deliciously firm rice slowly and you'll really sense the cheesy warmth.

Mizuki Nishiyama

7. Mac 'n' cheese

It's creamy, cheesy, and easy to make. Even someone like me can handle it!

Doris Lam

8. Fried rice with shrimp

My vote goes to my mum's fried rice with shrimp. This is the greatest dish she has ever made. I love it so much because it could top those cooked up in five-star restaurants.

Sonia Tsui

9. Barbecued pork

Come on! Do I really need to explain?

Angel Wu

10. Catfish balls

This dish seems easy to make. I guess it's similar to fishballs, and can help us cut down the number of cats in the world. The ingredients include a cat and some fish ... Oh, hang on! Google says catfish is a kind of fish.

Dennis Goodboy

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