Desk Pet Bots

Desk Pet Bots

The summer holidays are just around the corner - but for the hardcore Otaku, outdoor summer activities don't hold much appeal. So while other friends are out playing tennis or hiking through Hong Kong's country parks, we will most likely be engaging in either video gaming or watching the latest episodes of our favourite anime shows.

If you need a stand-in for your flesh-and-bone friends, look to Desk Pet, manufacturers of small, remote-controlled "Bots" that can be easily and quickly recharged via a USB port.

The latest Bot is the Tankbot, a cute Tron-inspired tank that is controlled via a smartphone app on your iPhone, iTouch, iPad or Android phone. Users can control the Tankbot with the smart device and a signal transmitter that is plugged into your device's audio jack.

Also available are the Skitterbot - a cockroach-like Bot that moves in such a way that people will be hard pressed not to stomp them into oblivion - and last but not least, the Trekbot, a bot with two big wheels that can do a variety of tricks and is a speedy little guy. These two bots come with their own little controllers so you can enjoy remote control fun even if you don't have a smart device. The Bots are currently exclusively available from Ling Kee Bookstore for HK$199. To find out more about the pint-sized "pets", check them out at


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