Script: Listening Exercise 144

Script: Listening Exercise 144


Voice 1: On Thursday the twenty-second of March, Bay View School held a diamond jubilee time capsule ceremony to celebrate the sixty years that the school has been open. The idea of preparing a time capsule containing objects connected to Bay View was the idea of the school council. They proposed it be removed after a further 60 years, when this idea was put forward, it was greeted with great enthusiasm by Mr Black, the present principal, the school governors and the staff.

Voice 2: It took the school council three months to decide what should go in the time capsule. All present and past students were asked for suggestions, and everyone was delighted when the school received over three hundred ideas. A committee was elected from the fifteen-strong school council, and in conjunction with the principal a shortlist was drawn up. There were thirty items on this list, and this was then, after many hours of discussion, cut down to ten final items.

Voice 1: The first item to go into the capsule was a copy of the 2011 Year Book. A pupil who had been at the school in the fifties, had given the school council a much-treasured copy of Bay View's first ever Year Book. This was very carefully photographed and printed out, and this copy went into the capsule.

Voice 2: A modern male and female Bay View school uniform was the next thing to go in the capsule. They were both carefully folded and wrapped in gold wrapping paper. Photos of pupils in the original uniform also went in the parcel.

Voice 1: Examples of textbooks in use at the school in 2012 were the next objects to go into the capsule. Next, a letter from Mr Black to the pupils of 2072 went into the capsule. The principal did not reveal what he said to them.

Voice 2: A backpack full of objects a typical pupil carries around for a school day was the next item to be put in the capsule. Many pupils had donated stuff to go in the backpack. Obviously, no food items could be included.

Voice 1: The choice of the final three things proved quite difficult to make. A map of the area around the school was included, along with a journal written by a pupil from each year of the school describing a typical day. And the final object? All the pupils were asked to nominate a magazine or newspaper that should go in the time capsule. The overall winner was Young Post. A copy of the 22nd of March edition of Young Post was the final thing to go in the capsule just before it was sealed.

Voice 2: The Bay View time capsule was a specially made stainless steel box donated by the PTA. It was buried under a newly planted cherry tree in front of the school. After the ceremony, the students involved in the time capsule project returned to the school hall to enjoy slices of specially baked and decorated birthday cakes.


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