My mum is awesome because ...

My mum is awesome because ...

In two days' time, it will be Mother's Day 2012. For this week's top 10, we ask our junior reporters why their mums - or moms in American English - are so awesome

1. She cares

She spends time chatting with her family despite her long hours of work every day. And she insists on kissing my brother and me "good night" even though we are grown-up.

Kate Ng

2. She's magic

Like a witch, she is always the one who makes me laugh and cry. She always gives me what I want even if she has to make a sacrifice.

Sonia Tsui

3. She's a role model

She's incredible. She is honest, and has values and principles which she always upholds. She is also a calm, intelligent, hard-working and unique woman who represents the best person I could be.

Rama Kulkarni

4. She's a shape-shifter

She turns into Superwoman with unbelievable superpowers when I need her. Sometimes, she turns into the popular Japanese cartoon character Doraemon, giving me problem-solving gadgets. Other times, she becomes Lady Gaga and cheers me up with her favourite upbeat music.

Rachel Yiu

5. She's an all-rounder

She is multi-functional. She plays so many roles in my life: as a torch in the darkness, as a Band-Aid over my wounds, as an alarm clock for study time and as a compass for when I am lost in my journey.

Jasmine Chiu

6. She's fiery

She can spit fire when she is angry. Spitfire, get it?

Keto Wong

7. She's got an ultrasonic antenna

Whenever I lose something, she can always find it in the next hour or so. I will never be able to match that "magical" quality!

Kang Ji-min

8. She's got eight arms

She is an octopus. Any other human would need eight arms to put in the staggering effort she makes to support me.

Yasmin Subba

9. She's my alarm clock

She never wakes up later than me. I am so glad to have another alarm clock besides the one on my mobile. Sometimes, I have to wake up as early as 5.30am to go camping - my mum will prepare tasty sandwiches for me while I am still roaming around slumberland.

Janet Tam

10. She's the coolest

She is on a higher level in Restaurant City than me, loves to eat mac and cheese and, most importantly, cares for me no matter what.

Doris Lam



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