Script: Listening Exercise 143

Script: Listening Exercise 143


How many times a week do you ask someone to stop doing something that is annoying, something that is wrong or that you don’t like or approve of? Listen to these four people as they ask someone to stop doing something.

Female: Dad! How many times must I ask you? Will you please stop criticising Tommy? It's me who’s going out with him, not you. You have told me a hundred times that you don't like him. Tommy and I get on really well. He's the kindest boy I've ever met, but for some reason you've taken a dislike to him. I wish you would either tell me why, or just stop going on about him. It's just you who has a grudge against him. Please stop upsetting me like this.

Male: Now, Miss Chan, I have asked you to come into my office to discuss a very serious matter. I must ask you to stop coming in late for work each morning. Here we begin work at nine o'clock sharp, not five or ten minutes past. I have been watching your arrival time for the past week and you have not arrived before nine o'clock on one single occasion. This must stop if you want to keep your job. The people you work with all arrive between fifteen and five minutes before work officially starts. If you have problems getting here on time please discuss these with me. Your bad time keeping must stop immediately.

Female: Jenny, will you please stop borrowing my clothes without asking me first! I wanted to wear my black top last night, and where was it? Lying on the floor in your room! I know I said you could borrow my stuff from time to time, but I do expect you to ask me. That's what sisters do, they borrow each other's gear, and I don't mind that, but when you just go into my wardrobe and take something without asking, that's annoying. I don't want to fall out with you, but please stop it. I wouldn't take anything if yours without asking. It's not polite. Please stop! I've asked you once and I hope I don't have to mention it again. Thanks.

Male: Will you please stop saying you will do something and then changing your mind at the last minute. It's not fair. You've done it three times this week and I'm getting a bit fed up. This evening was the last straw. I was really looking forward to seeing that film and when you called to say you couldn't make it I was really disappointed. On Tuesday you changed your mind about where we were going to eat and left me sitting in that restaurant all on my own. And why have you changed your mind about going to the beach on Saturday? It's going to be a lovely day. You cancelled coming to the beach with me twice last month. Please stop saying you’ll do things with me and then change your mind. It's not fair.


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