A world full of funky and funny weirdos

A world full of funky and funny weirdos

We all have our favourite Pokemon characters. Let's see which ones our junior reporters love most and why

Many of us grew up with Pokemon. Now Minnesota illustrators Alyssa Nassner and Bryan Ische want to bring back those happy childhood memories.

The duo invited 151 artists to reimage the original 151 Pokemon characters, which appeared in the Nintendo game series. The result was uploaded to Tumblr.

In this week's Top 10, Young Post junior reporters talk about their favourite childhood Pokemon characters.

1. Piplup

Piplup is so cute, and I absolutely love this water-type character.

It evolves into Prinplup and Empoleon, which are also cool-looking figures.

Charlotte Donker

2. Ninetales

My favourite Pokemon is Ninetales. Although it doesn't appear in the cartoon much, I was enchanted by its gleaming white fur, glowing red eyes, and its royal aura. When it strolls, its nine tails rise in a shape of light rays, giving me a beam of hope like the sun.

Leona Chen

3. Weepinbell

I love how Weepinbell doesn't walk, but instead hops or hangs on tree branches and vines using its large hook on the back of its head. How cool is that?

Doris Lam

4. Pidgey

Although it is just 30cm tall and weighs only 2kg, Pidgey can fly a Pokemon trainer anywhere in the Pokemon world!

Forget the laws of physics!

Emmanuel Hui

5. Arceus

This guy is the best character of them all, no question. And it has a cool, futuristic look and some distinctive features.

Tayyab Shahzada

6. Charmander

He was my first Pokemon, and I became really attached to him.

Rama Kulkarni

7. Squirtle

I love Squirtle because it has water-blue skin and loves to wear bling-bling. Also, it has a funny "pokemonality" and moans like a puppy. Cute and lovely.

Dorothy Tsang

8. Charizard

The first time I played my Pokemon game, I chose Charmander. I raised it and it grew into a Charmeleon. I was so happy. But I didn't finish the game because I started playing other ones.

Two years later, I found that same game in my bag. I started it again from scratch and trained my Level 5 Charmander into a Level 100 Charizard. It was about that time, when Charizard was Level 100, that I had stopped playing video games.

My baby Charmander has grown up, and so have I. But I still have a giant Charizard toy on my bed.

Hudson Hilliard

9. Starmie

It is a lilac starfish with 10 limbs. The centre of it is a ruby, which can shoot destructive red light at enemies.

I love Starmie because its ruby sparkles and lights up.

Janet Tam

10. Arcanine

Not that I'm dissatisfied with my body, but it is every puppy's dream to look like a dog-tiger and breathe fire, like my buddy Arcanine. Durrr...

Dennis Goodboy



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