Folk with a big dose of soul

Folk with a big dose of soul

Grammy Award-winning country/folk group The Civil Wars brings out the soulful music they are famed for in their debut studio album Barton Hollow. The album racked up two Grammys this year: one for Best Folk Album and another for Best Country Duo/Group Performance.

The Civil Wars show their talent through their strong vocals and meaningful lyrics, which combine to move the listener in every track.

That said, I think the lyrics are sung in a slurry way, making it a tad difficult to understand at times - although that could just be their southern accents.

Poison and Wine was featured in both the television show Grey's Anatomy and the film Something Borrowed. Starting off with a deep, mellow tone, the vocalists build up strength until the climax in the chorus. The song is a great example of the fact that Joy Williams and John Paul White are exceptional crooners and masters at playing instruments.

I've Got This Friend is a bit of a surprise, with its cheeky rhythm and light-hearted lyrics.

Lovers of the genre will find this a pleasing, versatile record. But what's particularly indicative of the band's bright future is that pop fans will enjoy it just as much.

YP Rating: 4/5

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