Figures of fun

Figures of fun

Here are some suggestions, from the wacky to the serious, that might inspire the designers of PEZ candy dispensers

PEZ is famous for having a distinctive cartoon head on each of its sweet dispensers. For this week's top 10, we ask our junior reporters whose head they would put on their dispensers, if they were one of the PEZ designers

1. Confucius

If the dispenser represents Confucius, the sweets would be the words of wisdom that he dispensed every time he spoke.

Ioana Economos

2. Joseph Kony

He abducts children and turns them into sex slaves and soldiers. We should put him on PEZ to make him famously infamous.

Sonia Tsui

3. Willy Wonka

Every child wishes that the factory of Roald Dahl's famous chocolatier was real. By placing the head of eccentric Wonka on a PEZ dispenser, and loading it with sweets, kids could have no sweeter experience.

Cameron Tucker

4. Pascal

Pascal is the adorable anole in the movie Tangled. He is such a helpful and lovely pet. He has two round, brown eyes and a tiny, curly tail. He is responsible for lots of the fun and laughter in the movie. I would love to have Pascal as a PEZ dispenser and show it off to my friends.

Janet Tam

5. Jason Mraz

I really like his soul-soothing music which sends out messages of love. Maybe they could attach a music box to it so that whenever people flip its head, the dispenser sings.

Winnie Lee

6. The Twitter bird

I'm so addicted to Twitter right now. If PEZ can make a dispenser with the Twitter bird, and allow people to tweet with it, I'll be the first one to buy!

Doris Lam

7. Jack Bauer

Jack (played by Kiefer Sutherland) is from the American TV series 24. He is strong, and invincible - all the traits you need to win the hearts of Superman wannabes; that is all the children of the world.

Erica Kwan

8. Bill Gates

He founded Microsoft and made so many contributions to the technological community. Now he is a major philanthropist - my point is he deserves to be PEZ-ed.

Henry Lui

9. 1D

If there was a One Direction collection, it would benefit PEZ greatly because there are so many 1D fans out there. I mean - who wouldn't want to be given sweets from the boys?

Kristie Chan

10. A llama

I would put a llama head on it because llamas are awesome, and they are very popular in the minds of young adults.

Charlotte Donker



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