Will Romney grab the reins from Obama?

Will Romney grab the reins from Obama?

The US presidential race is on. With the end of the Republican presidential primary campaign and the withdrawal of Rick Santorum's candidacy, Mitt Romney is likely to be contesting the presidency against Barack Obama.

Romney's supporters believe he has the ability to reduce the US budget deficit using his business experience. He started his career as a financial consultant then founded Bain Capital, a leading private equity firm. He and his wife are estimated to be worth US$250 million. Because of his wealth and privileged background, he is seen by many as an out-of-touch elitist.

On the other hand, Obama's story of a struggling childhood and rise from poverty makes him much more appealing and approachable to the lower and middle classes.

Through his domestic policies, including raising taxes among the higher-income group, he aims to reduce the income gap in the US.

However, throughout his presidency, Obama has been criticised for his failure to rescue the economy. Romney, on the other hand, with his experience in turning failing companies to winning ones, may represent greater hope for the people of America.

Polls put Obama well ahead of Romney. But in the end it depends on how well each man can convince the public that he is better than the other.



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