The final round of Brain Game: Vote now!

The final round of Brain Game: Vote now!


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It's finally here, the grand final of the Brain Game!

Each week we ask our Brain Game contestants one interesting, thought-provoking or just plain quirky question. Then Young Post readers can choose to eliminate one until we have a winner. Who do you want OUT? Vote below.

This Week We Asked: If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not famous, living or dead, real or fictional, who would it be?


Agnes Fung Lap-shin, 13, Diocesan Girls' School

I would trade places with Albus Dumbledore, a character from my favourite book series about Harry Potter.

Dumbledore is the best wizard in the whole world. If I switched places with him, I would be the owner of the Elder Wand, the most powerful wand in the world, and I would be able to do extraordinary things.

I would be headmaster of Hogwarts and have my own study full of books and gadgets like the Pensieve, which allows you to relive memories. I would also be in possession of Fawkes, a magnificent phoenix whose tears have magical healing properties.

Trading places goes both ways. Dumbledore would get a chance to live with my family. That probably wouldn't be a problem, since he loves muggles (non-magical people) and always fights for their rights. Like me, Dumbledore also had a sister, and I'm sure he would take care of mine while we switched places.

If I could really trade places with Dumbledore for a week, I would take my time exploring the grounds of Hogwarts Castle. As the headmaster, Dumbledore would not need permission to go wandering anywhere he wanted. I would go to the Room of Requirement and take a look at the unusual artefacts there.

Another thing I would do is cut the middle names. Dumbledore's full name is Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, and it is far too long. And I would also cut the beard, which is even longer.

Joyce Chan Ching-yan, 16, Maryknoll Fathers' School

I would trade places with Rose DeWitt Bukater from the movie The Titanic for a week, as she is so brave and has a strong personality, which I really admire.

I appreciate her true love for Jack, because she didn't mind or complain that he was poor. She even went back to the ship to look for him when it collided with an iceberg.

She reminds me of the saying: "misfortune tests the sincerity of love." Love can give us courage and determination. Her character instils the spirit that we shouldn't be afraid of following our mind.

I'll always remember Rose saying: "You jump, I jump, remember?" This is the most touching scene of the movie, and I'll never forget Rose's emotions, which were so sincere and trustworthy.

What I would do in a week is spend quality time with family and loved ones, share her experiences with her daughter and give speeches to people, delivering the message that blessings are not valued till they are gone - we shouldn't take them for granted.

When you are in a relationship or engaged to someone, you should love him or her dearly. Love is a commitment; it must be the emotion that brings a couple together, not money, social status or fame. I would like to inspire the younger generation and spread the concept of natural love to those born in this materialistic society. Sometimes, we may be misled by the media and over-emphasise the importance of money.


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