Sweet, but far too short

Sweet, but far too short

When your band is personally recommended to a music label by a Canto-pop legend, you must be doing something right. That's how the local five-piece band Mr. got their shot at the big time. They were part of the underground scene under the name of White Noise when singer Alan Tam Wing-lun asked if they wanted to play a gig for his birthday celebration.

They agreed, Tam was impressed and recommended the band to Universal Music who promptly signed them. In Mr.'s latest album, Misterdays, the boys show off the rock sounds that caught Tam's attention.

The band stick to their signature sound throughout the album, whether it's a slow or fast song. The first track, Once In A Life (人一世物一世), is a catchy, toe-tapping rock number with a positive message encouraging working-class people to keep chasing their dreams despite their hard lives. Yesterday (昨天) starts with lead singer Alan Po Chi-lun singing with just a piano, creating a sombre mood, before drums and guitars join in to pick up the pace.

Misterdays is a good, if short, representation of what Canto-rock has to offer. The eight tracks clock in at just under 33 minutes, with one track being an instrumental, and another is a string quartet version of Yesterday. It's enjoyable with lots of potential, but I like more value for my dollars.

YP Rating: 3/5

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