Something to suit everyone

Something to suit everyone

Belgian-Australian musician Gotye's third album, Making Mirrors, is eclectic and will appeal to those who value variety, blending a whole range of musical styles. He seems to have found his stride, surpassing the success of previous albums Boardface and Like Drawing Blood.

Give Me A Chance and Smoke And Mirrors are calm and quiet numbers, great for days when you just want to relax. The faster beats in Easy Way Out and I Feel Better make those tracks more upbeat and happy. Meanwhile State Of The Act is darker, with Gotye joined by a female choir.

Somebody I Used To Know is my personal favourite. Gotye talks about a former relationship that has gone sour. The intro is brilliant, and the female side of the story is sung by New Zealand singer-songwriter Kimbra. Gotye and Kimbra collaborating is a match made in indie-heaven.

Don't Worry and We'll Be Watching You bring a sense of safety and comfort to your mood. The lyrics "Don't worry" and "We won't hurt you" are sang in a whisper in the background.

Making Mirrors contains a healthy mix of songs, and instruments such as banjo, drums and saxophone; the combination of country, piano pop and retro is soothing. I'd recommend it to all indie-pop lovers.

YP Rating: 3/5

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