Script: Listening Exercise 140

Script: Listening Exercise 140


Last week, three of your friends, Penny, Tom and George, phoned you with a problem. They’d each lost something important and needed someone to talk to.

Penny: Hi! It’s Penny! I'm in a real state! You'll never guess what's happened! I've lost my grandma's gold ring. My mother will kill me when she finds out. I don't know what's happened to it. It was my grandma's wedding ring. She gave it to my mum just before she died. My mum never wore it. She kept it in a box in a drawer in her bedroom. But she kept getting it out to show people. She loved it! My mum gave it to me on my last birthday. I didn't really want it because I don't wear rings and I could see no point in just keeping it in a box somewhere. But mum made me take it and promise I’d never sell it. I think she expected me to pass it on if I ever have kids! But I've misplaced the thing! I thought it was in a purse that I keep in my bedside cabinet. I don't know what I'm going to do! What's happened to it? Panic! Panic!

Tom: Hello, it’s Tom! I’m in a real panic! The worst thing in the world happened this morning! I've lost my mobile phone! I always keep it in the front pocket of my shirt when I go to school. The pocket's got a button so I know my phone won't drop out! I know I had it on the bus, because Mum called me to remind me about my music lesson after school. Then I sent Lau a message when I got off the bus. I was walking with Vincent and he says he saw me put the phone back in my pocket! But I'm wondering if I just slipped the phone into the back pocket of my trousers without thinking. I keep all my stuff on my phone. And I haven't backed up my music or photos or contacts for ages! Help!

George: Oh, thank goodness I’ve got you! I thought you weren’t going to answer your phone! Do you remember yesterday morning when Mr Wong gave me that cheque? The proceeds from the book sale for me to put in the soccer club account? You were with me when he gave it me after maths. Can you remember what I did with the cheque? Did I put it in my pocket or in my bag? I can’t find the stupid thing. You must have seen what I did with it. It was in a brown envelope. I told him I’d pay it into the bank on my way home. But I forgot last night so I thought I’d do it tonight. Oh, where is it? You’d have seen it if I’d dropped it on the floor. Mr Wong will think I’m such a fool when I tell him I’ve lost the cheque. What can I have done with it? Help!


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