Oh boy! It's the Blue Justins

Oh boy! It's the Blue Justins

Few careers are closed off to girls these days, but one job that's definitely off the list is a boy band member

Each boy band marks a milestone in pop music. Not only do they create catchy tunes and look gorgeous, boy bands usually have a sensational, heart-melting name. This week, we ask our junior reporters for their favourite boy band names, real or imaginary...

1. Westlife

The band has been famous for a while. Everyone, from teenagers to grown-ups, will have heard about them. They are one charming group of Irishmen. Their songs have so much influence on current pop music. Many of us started listening to their songs when we were little. They no doubt have great chemistry when they sing together.

Eutonne Tam

2. Busted

Busted was the best boy band name. The name is just epic and easy to relate to! Although they've broken up, many of their songs, such as Crashed the Wedding, are legendary and awesome to rock to.

Jade Lam

3. One Direction

I think One Direction is the best boy band name because it makes me believe that they want to succeed and share their love of music with the world. And I think it also means that the only direction they want to go is up to the top of the charts.

Charlotte Donker

4. Blue

Blue, the British boy band, is my favourite name. The colour blue symbolises masculinity - perfect for a boy band.

Also, when the audience chants "Blue" together, the collective echo becomes "woo" - giving the band a warm welcome to the stage.

Jack Sze

5. CNBlue

Blue is a good name, but it's just a bit old. Keep the blue and add CN in the front - it becomes the sensational name of the up-and-coming Korean band.

Ling Kua

6. Justins

Even though it's not in the dictionary, the name Justin implies handsomeness. If you don't believe me, look at Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake. How could you not name a band Justins?

Fabienne Chui

7. Rolling Stones

Ok, maybe they're not a boy band in the usual sense, but Rolling Stones is definitely the best band name, because "a rolling stone gathers no moss".

Kate Ng

8. The Musketeers

This would be a great name. It's heroic and reminds us of nobler times. It would win the hearts of fans from all ages.

Balwinder Singh

9. Barklife

When I was little, my mates and I used to listen to one of Blur's songs, called Parklife. We would dance like they did in the music video and push shopping carts around. We called ourselves Barklife. Memories!

Dennis Goodboy

10. Big Bang

I really like Big Bang, the name of a popular K-pop boy band. It is also the name of the huge explosion that some say created the universe. This means the band will produce innovative music and become hugely popular. The name is also strong, beasty and catchy!

Jocelyn Chan



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