Prepare for switch-off

Prepare for switch-off

60 minutes to save planet

Earth Hour is happening on March 31. When the clock strikes 8.30pm, lights will be switched off across the city to save energy.

Yet at Young Post, we always want our junior reporters to go one step further. For this week's top 10, we ask our junior reporters what else they could do to raise people's awareness of Earth Hour, apart from switching off the lights.

1. Cutting down blow-drying

I am so excited about Earth Hour and have been looking forward to it since the end of last month. As well as switching off the lights, I plan to use a hairdryer for only two minutes or so, and then let my hair dry naturally. It won't make a big difference to the world, but it will serve as a personal reminder for me to treasure the things that I have.

Kristie Chan

2. Goodbye video games

I am going to resist the temptation to play my Xbox 360 during Earth Hour. Recently, I seem to have grown addicted to games that waste my time and energy. So, during Earth Hour, I am determined to keep my game console switched off, together with the lights.

Rajinder Deol

3. TV ban

I am going to force myself to switch off my television, even though it's the love of my life and I have it on 24/7. Watching less TV won't kill me ... at least, I hope not!

Doris Lam

4. Hello again, Mum and Dad

We spend a lot of time looking at screens every day, mainly television and computer screens. Not only do they consume a huge amount of energy, they can prevent good family communication. On this Earth Hour night, I will switch off all the screens and spend time with my family.

Elise Choi

5. No internet

I know some people will still use Facebook and YouTube during Earth Hour, rather than doing anything productive. So, to stop procrastination in the household, I say we should switch off all computer routers and modems. You'll be surprised how much electricity these devices consume!

Sum Sze-tam

6. Moment of truth

Terms such as "global warming", "greenhouse gases" and "climate change" are as unclear to some of us as they are difficult to explain. They are words associated with the Earth Hour campaign. Yet how many of us actually understand why? To find out, I recommend the 60-minute documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. It explains the reasons for global warming and its impact.

Before participating in any Earth Hour campaign yourself, watch this film so you can get a better idea of what you're raising awareness of.

Cameron Tucker

7. Start spreading the word

I suggest organising a charity concert at school; it will attract a large audience and is the perfect way to spread the Earth Hour message across the community.

Yasmin Subba

8. Power nap

Not having to look at computer or television screens is bliss. And now I have the perfect excuse thanks to Earth Hour.

I can take a one-hour nap and that will totally help me concentrate on my studies. It's a win-win situation because not only do we save our planet, we can also get away from our busy daily lives for one hour.

Winnie Lee

9. Read Young Post

I am going to read Young Post, the newspaper not the online version, of course. It doesn't need any power to operate, but it's as entertaining as browsing the internet or watching TV.

You can sing a song, too, if you are used to listening to music while reading Young Post.

Keto Wong

10. Anyone for wheelies?

Merely saving electricity is not enough. Everyone should jump on an electricity-generating bike and ride it for an hour. Who knows, we may collect enough energy to power our city for a day. And with my four legs, I could put in double the effort!

Dennis Goodboy (YP mascot)



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