The craziest of crazes

The craziest of crazes

Are school clubs all getting a little bit dull and tired?


The craziest of crazes_L
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Everyone has interests that border on the wacky. But no matter how embarrassed you may feel about them, there are always others who share your enthusiasm. Clubs are a great way of bringing these like-minded folks together. And the more offbeat the interest, the more unusual the club.

Here's a look at some of the more zany clubs out there that might just appeal to your adventurous spirit. Warning: they may appear at a school near you.

Tiddlywinks Club

Don't worry if you've never heard of tiddlywinks. Few have. It's an unusual (some might say pointless) game where players take turns to try and flick coloured, dollar-sized chips (called "winks") into a container ("pot") or to land on ("squop") others' winks. maybe the most fun part is yelling out all the obscure terminology that dates back to the late 1800s.

The modern-day version is pared down considerably. Use a glass, as the pot, and coins. Feel free to make up your own lingo.

Glee Club

Not the Glee Club, ie a singing group, but a gathering of die-hard fans discussing, analysing, debating about all things Glee, the TV show. Would-be topics would invariably include a wish-list of celeb guest stars, plus the best and worst to have appeared so far. And before the day's proceedings were over, you'd inevitably have each Gleek give their rendition of their favourite cover. The uninitiated may call it Karaoke Nightmares.

Rock-paper-scissors Club

The classic game of psychological warfare has always been a popular method for resolving conflict.

Expect heated games played at maximum do-or-die intensity, with players trying to fluster opponents with trick gestures and cries.

Or try and alternative: rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock. Only, I'll be boycotting this version until the rules are amended. Let's be real here - how can a lizard possibly poison Spock?!

Rubik's Cube Club

Invented by Hungarian professor Erno Rubik, the 80s toy takes fanaticism to new levels. Players often sand down edges and wax the axles to ensure smoother shifting and twisting of the parts.

Members would practise speed-cubing and share cube enhancement techniques. Not allowed to join: those who reassemble the cubes by peeling off the stickers.

Meatatarian Club

Not to be outdone by veggie-lovers, a meat, only meat and nothing but meat eating club would raise plenty of eyebrows. Think how much fun you'd have enjoying a juicy steak knowing the fellows next door at the vegan club are counting the nutrients in their rice crackers and alfalfa sprouts.

It's not essential to have matching T-shirts or a secret handshake to start a club. You just need to share a common interest. Bring out your inner nuttiness and start your own wacky club today.



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