Crazy number crunch

Crazy number crunch

Sometimes numbers define quantities, but sometimes they mean more. They can tell us important facts. This week, we ask our junior reporters about the oddest numbers they know

1. 0

Zero was invented by an Indian mathematician around 520 AD. Without zero, life would be more difficult today.

Rajinder Deol

2. 2

For every 2 marriages in America, there is a divorce.

Pradyumn Dayal

3. 3.14159265...

Pi is a constant used to calculate the area of circles and volume of spheres. It is special because it is an infinite number. Also, did you know Pi day - March 14 - was two days ago?

Janet Tam

4. 17

17 is the number on Jeremy Lin's jersey.

Balwinder Singh

5. 25

25 years is the life span of a swordfish, which can weigh up to 550kg.

Tayyab Shazada

6. 43

43 inches (109cm) is the height of the tallest living dog.

Charlotte Chan

7. 53

53 is the number of times Justin Bieber says "never" in his song Never Say Never.

Henry Lui

8. 1,193

1,193 is the number of seats in this year's Chief Executive Election Committee. The media call the election a small-circle game because only 1,193 people will choose the next leader for a city of seven million people.

Jack Sze

9. 2,237

It's the number of abductions committed by the Lord's Resistance Army [a militant group in Uganda] since January 2009, according to LRA Crisis Tracker, a website run by Invisible Children and Resolve.

Hudson Hillard

10. 21122012

December 21, 2012, is to be our last day on Earth if the Mayan calendar is correct.

Fabienne Chui



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